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February 2009
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Digital Yearbook Features & Benefits
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Posted by: Andrew Edwards @ 11:27 am

Digital Yearbook Features and Benefits

All parts of the traditional yearbook have been preserved in our system including eSignatures, and students can also sell advertisements in the form of eYearbook banner ads.

So, the difference is simple…we provide MORE for LESS COST!!!

  • More color
  • More pages
  • More expression
  • More personalization
  • More profit from fundraising
  • More days for collecting content

Key Features of

  • An intuitive, unique web-interface for material collection and organization.
  • No software to install – it’s completely online.
  • No HTML or advanced programming knowledge required.
  • A Creative Wizard to guide users through the portrait development process.
  • An Upload Wizard to assist with adding photos, videos and audio files.
  • Real-time yearbook preview.
  • A dedicated, personable support staff.

Benefit of Digital Yearbooks:

Digital Multimedia

Digital Yearbooks may contain hundreds or even thousands of pages, with virtually unlimited color photographs, audio, video and personal profile information.

Self-expression & Personalization

Digital Yearbooks come to life as the entire school becomes involved in the production process, contributing memories, emotion and personality.

School Fundraising

Digital Yearbooks are about 35% less expensive to produce than a comparable paper yearbook, which means more profit for fundraisers.

Yearbook Turnaround

Digital Yearbooks can be delivered within 14 to 21 business days. This means that schools can keep their yearbooks running longer and also be including more memories from the ends of school years like spring athletics and prom.

Yearbook Replacement

Because we maintain a permanent archive, obtaining a replacement or additional copies, at any time, is quick and easy.


The environment benefits from our no longer using paper as the yearbook distribution medium. CD & DVDs eliminate the needs to recycle hazardous printing solvents, metal printing plates & paper waste at a printing facility, which helps to save trees and the environment.

Classroom Ready

Whether your yearbook program is an extra-curricular activity or a credited journalism class, our publishing system offers a variety of activities and tools that educators require to teach and manage students.

Mobile Device Compatible

Upload photographs, send signature requests and preview your school’s yearbook as it is being built online, all in the palm of your hand. MyYearbookBuilder Mobile runs on all handheld devices and smart phones having mobile web access.

For further information, please contact Mr. John McClane.

About Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, L.L.C. is a frontier, multimedia publishing company specializing in the development of custom digital solutions for archiving high school audio, video and photographs into interactive electronic yearbooks.

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