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June 2011
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CNN Article Discusses Electronic Yearbooks
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Posted by: Andrew Edwards @ 8:26 pm

Schools are moving more towards digital yearbooks because of increased budgetary pressure. This article brings the subject to light, but does not mention Odyssey Interactive. We have contacted the author regarding this. However the article is as follows:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As graduation day arrives, students will say goodbye to their classmates and teachers. And many are departing without a traditional yearbook to preserve those memories.

State budget cuts and the weak economy are causing elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country to either do away with yearbooks or look for more cost-effective publishing options.

Research firm IBISWorld estimates that the traditional yearbook publishing industry has seen sales to schools decline by 4.7% a year over the past few years.

The decline has come as both public and private schools struggling with insufficient funding put their limited resources toward areas like staffing instead publishing yearbooks — many of which go unsold, especially in recent years as disposable incomes have suffered.

“Our country is handing out pink slips to teachers right and left, and if it comes down to teachers versus yearbooks, yearbooks are going to lose,” said Marc Strohlein, principal at consulting firm Agile Business Logic.

This is the first year that Indiana’s Huntington University isn’t offering yearbooks, after budget constraints forced the school to reallocate the $40,000 year it typically spends to publish 750 yearbooks.

“Budgets being what they were and the economy being what it was, forced our hand on this one,” said Ron Coffey, Huntington’s vice president for community development. “But I think given the economic times, the students are understanding of the difficulties that we and other schools are experiencing.”

Students at Mokena Junior High School, in Illinois, won’t be taking home yearbooks either, after the school district lost funding for all extracurricular activities this year.

And Blaine High School in Washington is in the same boat, and likely won’t be handing out yearbooks next year due to a severe lack of funding for the program.

First Published: June 7, 2011: 9:17 AM ET

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