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June 2009
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Digital Yearbook Data Integrity and Network Security
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Digital Yearbook Data Integrity & Network Security

From managed firewalls and intrusion detection to daily backups, we take appropriate physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect your production and secure all personal information from unauthorized access and/or disclosure.

Core Infrastructure:

Information Technology 
Odyssey Interactive’s data centers offer premier hosting services to our valued clients. To ensure the fastest and most reliable routing of traffic, we utilize multiple connections to major Internet backbone carriers with OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet connections using the BGP-4 routing protocol.

Additionally, our data centers are built with N+1 redundancy throughout, including multiple HVAC systems and redundant power. Every month, the backup diesel generators are tested to make sure they are in proper functioning order in case of power grid failure. The data center’s physical security is entrusted to 24/7×365 live monitoring, CCTV, and biometric access control system. 

Content Delivery Network via Edge Caching
Edge Caching is a group of servers strategically deployed in Odyssey Interactive’s multiple data centers. Together, the servers determine the fastest route to speed your data and accelerate content delivery, giving our clients the high level of service they expect.

Our content delivery network also enhances the user experience in three important ways: Faster load times mean less time spent waiting to upload yearbook content. Distributed content eliminates the impact of heavy traffic or outages in a single area, increasing our Web site availability. Swift data transmission makes audio and video files play more smoothly during online preview.

Managed Backup
Odyssey Interactive’s managed backup solutions protect your critical data, simplify the management of data backup and recovery and also provide consistent, reliable and secure data protection.

Security and Protection:

Intrusion Detection
Protecting your production from outside attack is our highest priority. That’s why our data centers utilize Threat Manager (an Alert Logic solution), an on-demand intrusion detection system (IDS) that blocks network attacks, manages server vulnerabilities and automates IT compliance — securing your confidential data from within.

Firewall Protection
Without disrupting legitimate web traffic and activity, Odyssey Interactive’s managed firewall adds a solid layer of protection between your private information and malicious attempts to access it. Our Cisco firewall analyzes all incoming and outgoing traffic to block suspicious activity inside and out.

For further information, please contact Mr. John McClane.

About Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, L.L.C. is a frontier, multimedia publishing company specializing in the development of custom digital solutions for archiving high school audio, video and photographs into interactive electronic yearbooks.

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