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MyYearbookBuilder General Information (Digital Yearbooks)
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MyYearbookBuilder General Information (Digital Yearbooks) is an online, electronic (“eYearbook”) publishing system designed to record, highlight and commemorate the past school year for middle school, high school and/or a college/university. It’s a novel system and a unique method for creating and publishing electronic yearbooks using the Internet as the primary content collection vehicle and a proprietary multi-tiered user account structure. The final product is an eYearbook delivered on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or USB Drive, which contains self-expression, artistic design, sophisticated technology and rich, interactive experiences.

School Registration (online)

To begin production, the school must first register with Odyssey Interactive at This registration process will enable the school administrators and/or yearbook adviser to open an eYearbook database and also create a private and secure account from where to manage the eYearbook production, which will ultimately be completely converted into an interactive CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB Drive at the end of your school year.

To be accepted into our program, a registration must be completed and submitted by an adult (25 years of age or older) and active member of the high school faculty/staff seeking registration. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made to this rule. For students seeking registration, we appreciate your interest in our product and look forward to serving you in the future. However, please contact your high school principal or an appropriate member of the administration staff for registration.

To register your high school, please select the “START A YEARBOOK” button on our splash page or the main navigation page and submit the accompanying application form. This action will initiate the opening of an eYearbook account and database, which needs to be authorized by Odyssey Interactive before it can be populated by the registering school. During this inactive period, an Odyssey Interactive representative will contact the applicant via telephone and/or email for verification, qualification and a free, no-obligation consultation.

In addition to registering online, all applicants will be required to sign a publishing agreement for their respective school.

Account Access

All registered schools receive a school code and password for yearbook access, along with a private admin account user name and password. All students create a user name and password for their own yearbook access and portrait building, which requires a valid email address for identification, registration and tracking purposes.

Student Account
A Student Account is required to build a basic student portrait and is subsequently opened via a registered email address.

First time users must create a student account, once a school is registered and an eYearbook has been opened. This is accomplished by “signing-in” to the eYearbook database via “New User?” access, which requires providing the appropriate school code and school password. Once completed, students submit the accompanying registration form to open an individual student portrait. Returning users can quickly and easily sign in to their eYearbook by selecting the appropriate school code from our drop-down menu (“Returning User” access) and also providing their user name and password.

The student account enables any students to build and customize their own eYearbook portrait, add photographs, audio files and video files, along with creating a social network via the eYearbook “Buddy” system and electronically sign other student eYearbooks. Students can also search the eYearbook and preview the eYearbook in the student account.

While we do offer the ability to “remember” user name and password on a computer, for security purposes, and especially in instances when signing-in to the database on a shared computer, we strongly urge and recommend that users maintain “forget me” sign in access. “Forget me” access will completely sign users and the user’s computer out of the publishing system, so no returning user can go back into the prior student account and add/edit/delete portrait information.

Administrator Account
One Administrator (“Admin”) Account is required, per school, to incorporate non-student portrait, community-related content. Additionally, the admin account possesses global over-write ability and also maintains photo-, video- and audio-screeners, which allow the administrator(s) to individually screen (“approve” or “delete”) all material submitted to the eYearbook, before it’s posted for public viewing.

This account is to be used and managed by the yearbook editor, and also any authorized members of the school yearbook committee.

Computer Compatibility

Odyssey Interactive eYearbooks will be compatible with all current computer systems including:

  • Desktop/Laptop PC (Windows®)
  • DesktoplLaptop Mac (Mac OS)

Browser Compatibility is designed so that eYearbook production will be compatible with all current Internet browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera


For further information, please contact Mr. John McClane.

About Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, L.L.C. is a frontier, multimedia publishing company specializing in the development of custom digital solutions for archiving high school audio, video and photographs into interactive electronic yearbooks.

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