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Digital Yearbook Production Timeline
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Digital Yearbook Production Timeline

Step 1: Consultation
We understand that you will have many questions regarding our products and production services. Please contact us ( to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Step 2: Application and Publication Agreement
Before entering into our eYearbook program, you will need to submit an online application (via “START A YEARBOOK”) and sign our publication agreement. Be sure to save a copy of your application and publication agreement for deadlines, terms and conditions and other key information.

Note: The online application and publication agreement must be completed (signed) by a member of the school’s faculty, staff or administration; students are NOT permitted to authorize an eYearbook. Further, before an eYearbook can be fully authorized, a verification and reference check will be completed by Odyssey Interactive.

*Recommended Deadline: by September 30, 20**

Step 3: Organize a Committee
Depending on the size of your school and also available resources, you may want to consider assembling an eYearbook committee, which will manage the entire creative development and production process.

Step 4: Delegate Responsibilities
Create individual teams with specific responsibilities and designate a team leader for each of the following working groups:

  • Editing Team – incorporating eYearbook clubs, athletics, events, etc.
  • Sales Team – selling and promoting the eYearbook
  • Creative Team – creating theme, graphics and eYearbook artwork
  • Journalism Team – writing and editing eYearbook copy
  • Media Team – collecting and gathering eYearbook photographs and video
  • Student Oversight Team – reviewing and approving eYearbook student portraits
  • Distribution Team – managing the eYearbook distribution process

    Step 5: Receive eYearbook Tool Kit
    Once you receive your eYearbook toolkit, please read the enclosed information very carefully, and also review the MyYearbookBuilder.comPrivacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. Be sure to locate your project number, school code & password and also your admin account user name & password. Please store in a very safe and accessible place.

    *Recommended Delivery Date: by October 15, 20**

    Step 6: Build a Project Timeline and Set Deadlines
    Create an itemized list of all production-related assignments, which should include assignment leaders, starting dates, milestones and firm deadlines. Please pay close attention to the following important areas:

    • Student/Admin/Editor Account Closings
    • Cover Design and Artwork
    • Reviews and Final Editing
    • Publishing Date

    Step 7: Sales Campaign
    Use the demo eYearbook and electronic sales collateral provided in your tool kit to promote the eYearbook sale.

    Step 8: Brainstorm a Theme
    Come together as a group and decide on your theme, which will provide continuity and direction for all artwork and graphic design. To keep the entire school involved in the production process, we recommend setting up an intra-school competition to solicit ideas/suggestions for the yearbook theme and then setting up a rewards system to honor and recognize finalists and the winning concept.

    Step 9: Submit Payment for Your Deposit Notice
    After your account has been activated, a deposit notice will be mailed to your school. Payment is required within 10 days.

    Step 10: Admin Account Building
    One Administrator (Admin) account is required, per school, to manage and supervise the global production process.

    Refer to Odyssey Interactive e-learning tutorial Admin Navigation and Overview in the Admin Account for building instructions and additional details.

    Note: This account is to be used by the yearbook adviser and authorized members of the yearbook committee.

    *Recommended Start Date: by October 1, 20**
    *Recommended Closing Date: by May 30, 20**

    Step 11: Editor Account Building
    Editor accounts are required to incorporate non-student portrait information. This includes the eYearbook dedication and colophon (credits), teachers and high school staff, athletics, clubs, events, news, awards and other various elements of student life.

    Refer to Odyssey Interactive e-learning tutorial Editor Navigation and Overview in the Admin Account for building instructions and additional details.

    *Recommended Start Date: by October 15, 20**
    *Recommended Closing Date: by May 15, 20**

    Step 12: Student Portrait Building
    A student account is required to build a basic student portrait and is subsequently opened via your registered email address.

    Refer to Odyssey Interactive e-learning tutorial Navigation and Overview in the Student Account for building instructions and additional details.

    *Recommended Start Date: by December 1, 20**
    *Recommended Closing Date: by March 15, 20**

    Step 13: Cover Design and Artwork
    You will need to design artwork for the eYearbook disk, its case cover insert and also for your main eYearbook splash page. Layout templates are available upon request.

    Alternatively, Odyssey Interactive can also provide this service at an additional charge.

    *Recommended Deadline: by February 28, 20**

    Step 14: eYearbook Closings
    Before printing an eYearbook to disk, you will need to “close” (lock) both the Student Accounts and the Admin Account for editing.

    *Recommended Student Closing Date: by March 15, 20**
    *Recommended Admin Closing Date: by April 30, 20**

    Step 15: eYearbook Review Period
    With the Student Accounts closed for editing, but the Admin Account still active, use this period to review your eYearbook and make any necessary revisions in the Admin Account. The Admin Account can access and make changes to ALL eYearbook content.

    *Recommended Deadline: by May 31, 20**

    Step 16: Plan the Distribution Day
    Before the eYearbooks arrive, decide on a location and distribution process. Odyssey Interactive will provide a list of all student eYearbook reservations made on our website, which will also equal the number of eYearbooks printed.

    Step 17: Review the Shipment
    Before distributing the eYearbooks, please open all boxes and count the enclosed items. Be sure to note any physical damage to the shipping boxes or the enclosed product.

    Step 18: Final Payment
    After the eYearbooks have been shipped, a final invoice containing the balance due will be mailed to your school. Full payment is due within 30 days.

    *Deadline: by June 30, 20**

    Step 19: Distribution
    Distribute the eYearbooks and enjoy!

    Step 20: Collect Feedback
    Provide an opportunity for individuals to offer constructive feedback; you may want to create a survey and/or provide a general comment box for students to drop-off anonymous suggestions. This information will be very helpful in next year’s planning process.

    Step 21: Project Review
    Assemble your eYearbook committee to review any surveys and/or feedback collected. Your team will have many ideas and/or suggestions that should be recorded and passed along to next year’s committee.

    Finally, any comments that you might have with regard to Odyssey Interactive’s product or production services are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. We value your feedback and use your suggestions to constantly improve our product offering!

    Thank you again for your interest in, an Odyssey Interactive product.


For further information, please contact Mr. John McClane.

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