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Digital Yearbook Team Building
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Posted by: Andrew Edwards @ 1:15 pm

One of the biggest challenges that schools have today is implementing a yearbook program. Yearbook programs require a strong team environment to be successfully implemented. As a key part of school fundraising revenue, the yearbook program is bound by general business guidelines and that is why it is important to understand the structure of a successful yearbook staff.

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Digital yearbooks have changed the process of how yearbook programs can be organized. An efficient digital yearbook team can provide a platform for a successful fundraising season and develop a strong team building experience. MyYearbookBuilder is a yearbook program platform that can enhance the overall team building experience and help raise funds more efficiently.

Teams always need a leader. In journalism terms we call this leader the Editor In Chief. This could be done by two people, dividing the duties. The editor in chief is responsible for working with entire staff and creating a plan to produce a quality digital yearbook on deadline. MyYearbookBuilder allows the editor in chief to take personal responsibility for the digital yearbook as well as work with all section editors to make sure their jobs are getting done and that they are providing leadership for those working for them. The editor in chief can use MyYearbookBuilder to read all copy and captions and get the digital yearbook published on time.

The managing editor works for the editor in chief and handles tasks assigned by the editor in chief. The managing editor will help manage the digital yearbook using MyYearBookBuilder. A primary responsibility of the managing editor is to work directly with section editors and writers. The managing editor may be responsible for photographs or be a liaison with the photo editor to make sure that photography requests are being handled.

Digital media technology has changed the way yearbooks can be published. Now you can add video, audio and images using MyYearbookBuilder. The multimedia editor makes sure that all digital multimedia is ready to be published. The multimedia editor keeps an assignment calendar and constantly reminds others about upcoming shoots. Digital yearbooks add video and audio that will store on a yearbook DVD.

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Each section of a digital yearbook can be assigned to a section editor who is responsible for the development of every aspect of their section. Sections can include student life, organizations/clubs, sports, classes, academics, advertising and community. All section editors are responsible for section plans and check the work of others to make sure quality and deadlines are met. Section editors will work as part of the leadership team as core team members.

Staff writers are responsible for content delivery. They work according to design specifications set by the leadership team. Staff writers can use MyYearbookBuilder to create an interactive digital yearbook that can be personalized with audio, video and images.

Photographers will develop multimedia content using digital cameras. They should recognize what makes a good picture and practice good photo composition. They will have to record names of people in photos and the date and the place they conducted a content section shoot. The should also capture information not obvious in the photo.

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